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Reading is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. It's through reading that our imagination and knowledge base begin to shape and grow. What’s even more important is being able to imagine yourself in a positive and productive space as you progress through your life. With the current state of the world in mind, where African American boys, youth, and men are viewed as aggressive, violent, criminals who are openly shoot and killed because of others perceived threat it can be easy to lower one’s self-worth. This is to say that when someone, who looks like you, are killed in public (or private) spaces and “justice” is found in the favor of the oppressor you’re reminded that there are individuals who do not value you or your life. Through these actions both consciously and unconsciously we change how we see ourselves, our peers, and the world. As a means to combat these falsities we have to positively reinforce our true nature. Being that today is International Children’s Book Day I made a cognitive decision to explore African American Literature which forwards a positive self-view for African American male youth. The following books are available on Amazon and are great starts for any home’s growing book collection.

1.Just Like Your Daddy- By Tiffany Parker and Illis-Navi' Robins

2. Because I Am Me- By Erika J. Gibson

3. My Brown Skin- By Dr. Thomishia Booker Illustrated by Jessica Gibson

4. I Am Smart, I Am Blessed, I Can Do Anything- By Alissa Holder, Zulekna Holder-Young, and Nneka Myers


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