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Devante Griffin: A Call For Information

Devante Griffin, a Spartanburg South Carolina local, has been missing since March 30th,2022.

According to Master Deputy Tony Ivey, Griffin was reported missing by his mother and was last seen on March 29th leaving Winsmith Avenue a few moments past midnight with his on again off again girlfriend Jessica Strachan. Strachan has since been arrested for abstracting justice.

Master Deputy Ivey reports that on March 31st Strachan was questioned regarding the whereabouts of Griffin and that during the course of the investigation she became a person of interest. It was found that Strachan’s information was misleading in nature and when asked to report to the investigators for a follow up interview Strachan fled to Florida.

The case into Griffins disappearance is ongoing, investigators ask that all information be reported to Investigator Megan Bennett at 864-266-4494.

Griffin is described as:

28 years old, African American, Long sandy hair, Black eyes, 175 pounds, and 6'1" tall.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Department: 864-503-4608

*** UPDATE***

Jessica Strachan has been charged with the murder of Devante Griffin, who was found in a shallow grave behind Evans Acres neighborhood. As reported by Fox Carolina Strachan was a person of intrest in the case before she fled to florida without notice. Warrents state that Strachan stabbed Devante Griffin to death.


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